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The Back Scratcha Book
Author I. D. Cookie (aka Darlene Steele)
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About The Book

The Back Scratcha Book is created to initiate interaction between a guardian and a child.

The book consists of twenty activity sections. The guardian and child are to simultaneously use their activity sections, which provide complete details on a surprise activity they are to do for one another. These activities are fun, quick, easy and entertaining. Included in all of these sections, you will find jokes, puzzles, games, riddles and such. In order to get the answers to these additional features, you will need to ask one another, this providing more fun and interaction. In addition to this, the sections will also include some type of strange and interesting trivia to share. To ensure complete surprises, all of the activity sections are in sealed pages. In order to get to your sealed pages, we recommend that you rip the pages right out of the book. How cool is that! If you prefer, the pages can be kept intact within the book. The Back Scratcha Book can be used by multiple users, such as parents, grandparents and several children together.

I.D. Cookie is extremely passionate about the Back Scratcha Book. More importantly then it being a fun interactive activity book, it is a unique tool to help bring a child and guardian into an even closer relationship, a tool that will create memories that will last a lifetime. It is I. D. Cookies dream that the Back Scratcha Book will play a big part in doing this. The success of this book is based on the positive effects it may have in a child’s life.

About The Author

I.D. Cookie is a passionate author, mother and humanitarian.

Being a single mother of two wonderful children has inspired her to share her enthusiasm and experiences. She wishes to encourage guardians to give to their children the gift of time and love, a gift that will remain a source of positive influence in their lives and will be cherished by them forever.

When not writing or spending time with her family, I.D. Cookie is busy with her Reminiscent Rewards Program, volunteering or writing articles for the Fibromyalgia Frontiers Journal. She is a community advocate, block parent and a member of the London Writers Society.

In addition to this I.D. Cookie is also inflicted with Fibromyalgia, making her daily living a trying experience. The Back Scratcha Book would be a perfect tool for a guardian suffering from Fibromyalgia to take part in. It is I. D. Cookies hopes that by doing so, it will initiate quick and simple activities along with interaction with a special child.

Up and coming exciting events for I.D. Cookie include a second edition of the Back Scratcha Book as well as a new program with I. D. Cookie Publishing, that will assist children with the complete process of self publishing their own books. Starting with an idea and ending with a copy of their very first published book.